Our Workshop

World class facility

Our saddlery and repairs workshop is one of the best equipped in the industry. The exceptional standard of workmanship delivered from our workshop is produced by our dedicated and highly skilled saddlers who take great pride in their work, ensuring they produce outstanding results every time.

Our workshop is on site at our superstore, and during off-peak times repairs can sometimes be carried out while you wait. You can also ship items to us for repair and we can have them re-delivered back to you.

If you're not sure about having an item repaired or wish to enquire about the cost, we are more than happy to evaluate and provide a no obligation quote. Simply get in touch and we'll be more than happy to help.

About Us
About Us
About Us

Our saddlers

Our skilled saddlers have over 30 years experience with an extensive skillset as well as a wealth of knowledge and expertise in crafting and repairing saddlery and leatherwork.

Taking extreme pride in their work, our saddlers are renowned for their high quality and durable workmanship. Our repairs workshop was how our business began, and over the years has remained a core strength within our business.

We're extremely proud of the high quality service we deliver from our workshop.

What we do

In our workshop, our saddlers manufacture and repair leatherwork mostly by hand. Our own brand of race and race exercise saddles, which are used by leading trainers worldwide, are hand crafted in our workshop. We also hand make most of our own racing equipment. Although we undertake a huge variety of work, some of the most common work that is done in our workshop is listed below.

Saddlery and Leather Repairs

Girth strap repairs and replacements, stitching repairs, re-flocking saddles, re-stuffing saddles, bridle repairs, headcollar repairs, riding boot zip repairs, replacing a tree, handbag repairs.

Saddlery and Leather Adjustments

Fully authorised by Prestige Italia to alter Prestige saddles, capabilities to adjust the width of saddles with wooden trees, changing fixtures on various pieces of tack, adjusting various types of tack including girths and bridles, adjusting the flocking of the saddle, changing gullet bars.

Making Bespoke Equipment

Belts, handbags, gun holders, training aids, collars for other animals, custom saddles for specific needs.

Your guarentee

We can do an extensive range of leather manufacturing and repairs. No task is too big or small, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you have something that is not listed above.

We stand over the quality of our workmanship. We will guarantee the workmanship of any repair, adjustment or product we have manufactured provided the fault is due to a manufacturing defect.

If you'd like to enquire about or avail of any of the services offered by our workshop please get in touch.