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Personalised products not only make excellent gifts and make identifying your belongings easier, but also are an effective way of advertising your business, yard, show team, riding club, horse/pony and brand.

We can embroider logos and images in many more options than we can list online so if you can’t find what you’re looking for or have any queries regarding personalisation contact us via telephone or email

Please note that we cannot offer Next Day Delivery on personalised items. Because these items are bespoke please allow 4/5 working days for the items to be customised. Also depending on the time of year we may experience further delays.

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About Us
About Us


At Old Mill Saddlery we understand how important it is to ensure your brand is shown off to its full potential, so we promise that you'll be extremely pleased with the quality and consistency of our embroidery. We'll work extremely closely with you to ensure colours, logos and fonts are totally correct before completing the finished product.

We use the latest and most high tech embroidery machines ensuring all embroidery is of only the highest standard.

We undertake a huge range of embroidery orders from a one off saddle cloth with the rider’s name, to large and repeat orders from businesses.

We can supply high quality garments for embroidery at excellent value, or you can source your own garments and we're happy to embroider them for you.

Below you'll find some of the most common products that we embroider.

Personalised saddle cloths

You'll find a wide range of saddle cloths on our website that can be embroidered on one side or both sides, with logos, names and horse designs. Perfect as a gift, to provide for sponsors and as an effective means of branding for your business, our range of saddle cloths include quality equestrian brands such as Equiline, LeMieux, Schockemohle Sports, Shires, Cottage Craft and Bridleway. Personalised saddle cloths are embroidered on site by our specialist and creative embroiderers who have a wealth of experience, delivering a superb and professional finish every time. Generally rider or horse’s names and brand logos would be the most popular choices of personalisation onto saddle cloths. We can embroider either one side or both sides of the saddle cloth with the same or different text. To browse our excellent range of personalised saddle cloths which can be ordered online click herehere.

Personalised riding whips

Our personalised ProCush riding whips are used by leading riders worldwide. They can be made to your specification with a choice of stem colour, text to embroider, embroidery colour and your choice of country flags and symbols. The ProCush whip was invented by our Managing Director and is patented. This unique riding whip, which was made mandatory by the British Horseracing Authority in 2007 boasts a shock absorbing end proven to be kinder to the horse. With over 250 colour combinations to choose from you can be sure there is something to suit - the choice really is yours! To personalise your own ProCush riding whip click herehere.

Personalised jackets

Jackets can be personalised with your text, logos or horse designs. Personalised jackets can be used for riding clubs, businesses and to showcase your yard or brand. We offer a wide range of jackets that can be embroidered to your specification. The garments we offer for personalisation are hand-picked to ensure they are of high quality and are fit for purpose. To browse our range of jackets that can be personalised click herehere.

Personalised fleeces and hoodies

Fleeces and hoodies can be personalised with text and graphics of your choice in an endless combination of colours and fonts of your choice. These garments can be used as riding wear, casual wear, staff uniforms or as a very personal gift. To browse our range of personalised fleeces click herehere.

Personalised t-shirts and polos

We offer a range of T-shirts and polo shirts that can be embroidered with names, logos and other graphics. You'll find that our embroidery is of the highest quality and is perfect for adding your branding to. Polos are often extremely versatile as uniform, providing a smart yet comfortable look. To browse our range of personalised t-shirts and polos click herehere.

Personalised racing equipment - girths, breastgirths and more

We can add personalisation onto many items of racing equipment which often helps to identify your equipment, as well as highlight your name. You'll find our range of racewear that can be personalised herehere.

Personalised jockey kit bags

Jockey kit bags are extremely useful for all of your kit required for race day. Kit bags are extremely popular among national hunt and point to point jockeys and are increasing in popularity among flat jockeys. Our kit bags are extremely durable and can be personalised to your specification, helping to identify your kit as well as promoting your name. To personalise a jockey kit bag click herehere.

Personalised jockey race breeches

At Old Mill Saddlery we offer a service to personalise race breeches. You'll find we offer quality racing breeches from top brands such as Ornella Prosperi and Paul Carberry. We brand breeches with embroidery, our threads are of the highest quality ensuring that the completed look is crisp and clean. Our high quality embroidery machines ensure that the embroidery is strong and durable, properties required particularly by jockeys. If you'd like to order personalised race breeches, you'll need to know the size required. As with all our products, once personalised, they cannot be returned. If you require a logo to be embroidered onto breeches, you should send us across the DST file of the logo. If you do not have a DST file of the logo, we can create one for you for a small charge. Our team will work closely with you every step of the way to ensure the final product meets your specification. You can find race breeches which can be personalised online herehere.

Personalised horse rugs

Horse rugs such as travel and cooler rugs can be embroidered with names, logos and various graphics making them ideal for showcasing branding or for prizes for equestrian events. We can embroider a vast range of horse rugs in a variety of options on quality rugs from world renowned equestrian brands such as Horseware, Bucas, Masta, Schockemohle, John Whitaker and Comfort Zone. As with all our personalisation, we offer such a huge variety we can't list all of our options and thread colours online. If you have specific requirements that you can't see on the website please contact us as we are very likely to be able to cater for your needs. Browse through our range of horse rugs that can be personalised online herehere.

Heat sealing

We also have the capabilities to do heat sealed transfers which are very cost effective, making them ideal for larger areas and quantities of customisation such as rugs, jackets and polos. For any enquiries please contact us for more information.


We can engrave a wide selection of tack and pet tags for head collars, dog collars, saddles, bridles and stable doors.

Please note all personalised items are non-returnable.