Second Hand Saddles

We have one of the largest ranges of saddles anywhere in the UK or Ireland. With a selection of over 1000 new and quality used saddles and a fully qualified Master Saddle Fitter on site with over 30 years experience you can rest assured that we will provide you with the most sound, honest advice.

All of our new and second hand saddles are available to view and buy online – and all saddles undergo an eight point check to ensure they are fit for purpose. Our saddles are fully traceable, so you can rest assured that you're buying a quality saddle from a reputable source.

You'll find that we offer an extensive range of second hand jumping, dressage, working hunter, pony, racing and race exercise saddles. We have a huge range of brands and models available including Albion, Prestige, Ideal, Stubben, Fairfax and more. Click here to browse our second hand saddles.

If you buy a second hand saddle from us it will be dispatched on a 48 hour delivery service within the UK. Our second hand saddles come with a 10 day no quibble money back guarantee should the saddle be unsuitable for any reason. If you wish to return a second hand saddle to us, we advise that you contact us directly to arrange a collection of the saddle which often works our considerably cheaper that having the item delivered yourself.

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8 Point saddle check

Listed below are the main checks which are carried out on all of our used horse saddles;

1. Tree:

The tree is thoroughly checked to ensure it is not twisted or broken. The tree of the saddle is the most important element of the saddle. The tree ensures the proper fit and strength of the saddle, as well as the correct balance of the rider. You can check the tree by flexing it from the cantel to the pommel to listen for any movement. You can also leave your saddle in to a saddler who can visually check to see if the tree is broken. You should never use a saddle if you know or suspect that the tree may be broken. Doing so can cause serious injury to your horse.

2. Girth Straps:

Girth straps are checked for durability and to ensure there is no excessive wear or damage to the straps. Girth straps allow the girth to be securely fastened to the saddle and allow the adjustment of the girth for the horse. As they are a major source of safety and stability for the saddle, we recommend that girth straps are regularly inspected.

3. Tree Points:

The points of the tree are also checked for breakages. This commonly occurs if the horse falls on or rolls over his saddle. If one point is broke, it's highly likely that the other point will also have been weakened.

4. Panel/Flock Check:

The panel is the most important part of the saddle in terms of saddle fitting as this is the part of the saddle which touches the horse. All of our second hand saddles are checked for lumps and the condition of the flock and panel is carefully evaluated. Flocking is what's used to fill the panel of the saddle. There are several different types of panels available. Typically wool flocking tends to be the most popular as it can be adjusted to alter the fit of the saddle for the horse. Wool flocking needs to be completely replaced every few years depending on use. Latex panels are commonly found in Prestige saddles and are a popular choice as they require little maintenance. Latex panels don't need to be re-stuffed but cannot be altered to suit the shape of the horse. The Cair system is exclusively found in Bates and Wintec saddles. It comprises of air filled panels where wool flocking would be traditionally placed. If Cair panels are punctured they'll need to be replaced by a suitable saddler.

5. Panel lacing (front and back):

Panel lacing is checked for wear, damage and durability.


6. Flap stitching:

Similar to the panel lacing, flap stitching is also checked for wear, damage and durability.

7. General stitching:

General stitching is also checked for wear, damage and durability.

8. Stirrup bars:

Stirrup bars are checked in terms of safety to ensure stability and durability. Stirrup bars not only hold your stirrup leathers in place, but are also an important safety feature of an English saddle. Open stirrup bars allow the leathers to slip off in the event of an accident.


Every used saddle that we have purchased or accepted as a trade in has a signed certificate on record to trace when the saddle was purchased by us and details of the seller. The traceability of our saddles give you peace of mind knowing that all of our saddles have been thoroughly checked for safety and legitimacy.


We pride ourselves in the quality and selection of second hand saddles we have on offer. We have a fully qualified Master Saddle Fitter on site who checks and evaluates each and every second hand saddle on tight criteria based on safety and quality. Our onsite saddlery and repairs workshop have a dedicated team with over 30 years experience in the trade who adjust and repair saddles, bridles and all types of leatherwork.  Recognised quality - we are members of the British Equestrian Trade Association, and also have a Society of Master Saddlers Qualified Master Saddler on site.

Why not trade in your old saddle with us?

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