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Dalmar Boots Dalmar Leather Pro Technique Back Fetlock Boots
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Horse boots are generally used to protect your horses legs during exercise or turnout, however we offer a range of therapy boots which can have a variety of uses and can be beneficial in the management of injuries. At Old Mill Saddlery, we provide a vast range of high performance tendon, fetlock, over reach, travel and therapy boots. Our boots often feature a host of innovative technologies which aid with breathability, ensuring the horses legs don’t overheat which can reduce the chance of injury. Boots are aimed at reducing the chance or impact of self-inflicted injuries. We always recommend that boots are fitted to the horse correctly. Shop with us now and we can deliver your order worldwide.
Dalmar Boots Logo Dalmar manufacture the world’s most technologically advanced horse boots for the prevention of lower leg injury in horses. Their boots utilise carbon fibre and air cooling technology to provide protection for the horse across various disciplines.